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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Zithromax and Plaquenil Stop Coronovirus

Whenever I get the flu I always take a Z Pack. Zithromax is the nuclear option for influenza and always kills it. I get the flu almost every year and a Z pack does it in quickly. I was wondering if this amazing drug was being given to Covid19 patients. The doctors would always say to me well it is a virus but if you feel it is going into an infection take the ZPack. I took it every time right away and every time it stopped my cough and shortened the flu. I have been taking this for over twenty years and the doctors always say well it is a the Zithromax should not have an effect. Uh huh.

Now Zithromax is back. The French did a study of an old malarial drug from the fifties called Hydroxychlorquine or Plaquenil and gave coronovirus patients the combination. Here is the results. ZPack and Hydroxychlorquine study  NY Times The point is the malarial drug along with the Zpack seems to  slow coronovirus. My question for all these people on ventilators is HAVE THEY BEEN GIVEN ZITHROMAX??? I wonder. Now Trump just touted the malarial drug as a possible therapy and Zithromax is the antibiotic of choice that stops the virus. Hmmm.

So the good news is you can ask your doctor for Plaquenil if you test positive. It has been in use for a very long time and demand a Z Pack along with it. 

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