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Friday, March 20, 2020

Why Dont' We Use The China Model?

So we can all agree China has stopped the virus. Even China haters must agree on this. And they did it by quarantining the whole country. They now have no new cases. There was a lot in the media about how horrible it was for China to make all their people stay in their homes and how we would never do that. Maybe we should. The piecemeal effort by the Western Democracies is not working  in fact it is failing horribly. Look at Italy, Britain...and the US. 

New York has still not issued a Shelter In Place Order. California has told everyone to stay in their homes. And then of course China tested everyone and then tracked them through cellphone technology. Why the United States cant seem to test in large numbers is a head scratcher. Same with the masks, gowns, gloves that are all in short supply and of course beds and ventilators. China built a monstrous hospital in a few weeks. Why cant we do that?

During World War I and World War II certain freedoms were suspended for the common good. Walking the line between doing some things and not others does not seem to be working. If your ship is sinking and another ship has managed to stay afloat then you want to be on that ship...or at least know how they bailed out the water. 

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