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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Bats Don't Party

Oh I wont get it. Good to be on the beach. What up with all those old people hiding in their homes? Hope I die before I get old. Pass the suntan lotion. Yeah baby. Beers. Pina Colodas. Good to be in the sun of Florida. Here let me rub that on you. Shotgun the beer. Good to be out of the parents basement! Coronowhat? Not like I'm going to get it. I'll just wipe out my parents and grandparents and that old man who hangs out in the park. But you know what, it's good to be king!

Oh wow. 40 percent. Forty percent of the people in hospitals are age 20 to 54. Huh. What up with that? All that youth doesn't stand a chance against a virus from a bat in China. Bats don't party. Bats like darkness in caves where strange viruses mutate. Still why should I not enjoy spring break? You know people act likes its Pearl Harbor or some shit. I heard after Pearl Harbor things got so bad the government quit telling people the news. Hey it's not like we are in a war or anything.

Still whats with the bars closing and the restaurants? Where are all the people? I mean we are on the beach but everyone else is like MIA. Yeah well. You know what. Its sunny. The ocean is blue. Life is good...Right? Yo...shoot me a beer. 

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