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Friday, November 9, 2018

There is Just No Dastardly in House of Cards Anymore

Say what you will but Frank Underwood was dastardly. And that is what gave House of Cards its punch. Now we have Robin Wright, Greg Kinnear, and Diane Lane. Not dastardly. Who cast Greg Kinnear as the new Raymond Tusk? He is not. He is Greg Kinnear playing a bad guy. It does not work. And Diane Lane. Well, she is Diane Lane. And she is not evil. Which brings us to Claire Underwood. She now talks to the camera just like Frank did which was really amazing when he did it. It broke ground. We were in on all his schemes.

With Robin Wright it is nothing. She just talks to us and we shrug.  Frank Underwood was evil. He was duplicitous. He was funny. And now we have these people running around in Franks shadow. Even Doug Stemper has lost his role. He was Franks devoted servant and now he is doing Claire's bidding but he is a dog without a master. He pines for Frank but because of Kevin Spaceys shenanigans Netflix cant even risk a flashback.

So they should have called it a day. Gone out with the show intact. Add to all of this that we now live in an age where House of Cards seems tame by comparison to what is going on in the White house and you have a fairly boring show. And let me tell you, one thing House of Cards never was, was boring. Ah well, maybe its time to dig up West wing....which is akin to watching Camelot now. 

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