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Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Republic For Which It Stands; The history behind the rise of Donald Trump

America is living though the death throes of the twentieth century. The American Century. If you want to see why Donald Trump was elected then go no further than the heartland. Here are millions of displaced people left over from the Greatest Century, the one that built America up and made her into a SuperPower. Mom was at home. Dad had a good job. Communities thrived. The world was Made Safe For Democracy. This all ended really with 9/11. That singular event coincided with the twenty first century, the internet, and globalization. The casualties were mighty. 

If you go to the small towns of the Midwest where I give lots of speeches and visit the libraries or Historical Societies you see pictures of a different America. In these pictures the towns are pumped up and thriving from companies that employed many of the people and that prosperity spread out like the mantra we have heard a million times all boats rise on the same tide. But all boats also fall when that tide recedes. When industry left America and the Internet knocked profits to the floor and  KMart and Walmart finished the job then only the skeletons of that past glory was left.

Of course Donald Trumps base will not budge. He is seventy years old. He grew up in that Great American Century. He believes those days will return. Everyone was white, middleclass, plugged into a firm American Culture. Now the last train the US Trump is pulling out of the station and everyone knows this is it. The final reckoning those days are over is at hand. The culture pulled away long ago along with mind numbing technology. We assume everyone has the latest smart phone and computer and went to college. It is simply not true.

The people I see are of an old America. Men and women in faded jeans with beards and hairstyles that haven't changed since the 1970s. This is not some great epiphany but we should be reminded that Trumpism did not come out of nowhere. It is a historical footnote to a century gone by that was so powerful it produced a country and a culture that influenced World Events and continues to influence the times we live in. The baton was handed off during the Obama Presidency but quickly recovered with a backlash that has been stunning. No. No. We are not ready for this was the message given. 

That is why these final death spams are so acute. The glimmer of a world to come scared the hell out of a lot of people and like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz people just wanted to tap  their shoes together and say there is no place like home and return to that safe and warm twentieth century that gave so much to so many in America. The Great and Powerful Oz behind the curtain, working his levers, pumping out the smoke, provided the Ruby Slippers, wearing a hat that said... Make America Great Again.

Can  you blame them?

William Hazelgrove

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