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Friday, April 13, 2018

Paul Ryan is Getting While the Getting is Good

He is going back to brats cheese and beer. Paul Ryan is going back to Wisconsin. I know Janesville because I go to Green Lake which isnt that far. Wisconsin people are friendly and open. Ryan must crave that about now. He certainly wants to see his family more but the real reason he is leaving is because the good ship Titania Republicana is steaming right toward that black iceberg in the night and Paul Ryan is out on the first lifeboat because there simply are not enough. Trump had thrown overboard everything Ryan stood for anyway and now the working class white voters who put Trump into office simply will not be able to bail fast enough to keep the ship afloat.

Ryan lost his base as Trump gained his. When all those marginalized white voters were left behind by technology, globalization, and the internets squeezing of all profit from every mom and pop business in every small town along with Walmart and Target finishing the job they sure couldn't turn to Paul Ryan. He  had read Ayn Rand and subscribed to the if they are poor and old then they should die off. They didn't they voted for Donald Trump and unleashed a Demigod who upended everything Ryan and the small government Republicans stood for. All they felt was the wind of Trumps passage as he obliterated all traces of Ryans get rid of the safety net crusade.

So he has packed his bags and like the man who sees the party is really over he is getting out before the roads are clogged and the trains jammed. Ryan will be sitting on a pontoon on a lake in Wisconsin by the time the real blood bath occurs next year or since it is November he might be doing a little ice fishing. Cold brew, cigar, brat. Daughters with dad. Life could be being speaker of the house.

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