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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Teachers Should Walk Out

The teachers are the ones who should be walking out. They should walk out and not come back until Assault weapons are banned. They are on the front line along with their students. It is great the students are walking out today but really you want to send a message to Congress then shut down the schools and tell Washington you go teach the kids. You go through the lock down drills and deal with the potential of another AR15 attack because we are not coming back until you pass some kind of gun reform.

Its pretty bad when only the students have the guts to do something. The teachers should be behind them not talking about discipline. I have been in a shooting and I know what people don't who have never experienced that  kind of fear...that it can happen to you and schools are now Free Fire Zones. It will happen again. Statistically it is just an accident waiting to happen. Congress will blow off the students. They are not voting yet. But if all the teachers walked away and the schools shut down then the parents would be activated.

Now you have parents students teachers in a collective surge of protest. And parents and teachers vote and one thing about parents if it affects their kids they will do anything to solve the problem. So teachers tell your union you want to walk out. Tell you kids you are behind them. Better yet, just walk out.

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