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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Shots Fired in Terminal 2

My family was in the shooting in Florida at the airport. I saw my twelve year old hiding under a plastic bin and my wife and kids flat on the sidewalk. I just finished a book on mass shootings in America, Shots Fired in Terminal 2. Here is the bad news. When you send your kids to school they are not safe. One in 300 is the statistic that each of us will be in a firearm related incident now. It gets worse. The front lines of this undeclared war on the American populace is the very place we send our children. The schools. This is the free fire zone of our times.

Being in a shooting is like being in a war. You do think you will die. Your heart does race. You breathe like you ran a marathon. And you cannot shake the feeling that something terrible will happen to you any second. And that feeling can come back any time. You may think it happens to other people it does not. The statistics are closing in on everyone. AR15s Assault Rifles make those statistics narrow because they kill with such efficiency and intensity. They are the Tommy Gun of our times which by the way the Thompson Machine Gun was called, The Annihilator by it's inventor.

This may sound grim. It is. It is a time bomb because every day more people buy assault weapons. Of the ten shootings I studied every one one of the shooters was considered mentally ill. So there you go. Here is the math. 350 million people. Even if 5 percent of the population is mentally ill that is 17 million people. There are 310 million guns. That one in 300 will soon be one in 200 then one in 100... then it will come into your life.

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