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Monday, January 8, 2018

Madam President Oprah

Why not? You couldn't watch that speech last night at the Golden Globes and not think she was going to run. What else is left for her anyway? She is African American and a woman. Perfect Storm. The perfect antidote to the Trump years. The backlash in 2020 would be tailor made for her. Trump has certainly shown that anyone can be President and that experience is not necessary. Who could take the presidency away from a television star better than another television star.

Donald Trump understood television in a way his rivals did not. It doesn't matter what you say or how you say it it is what is left on the table. Trump left a huge impression every time he was on television while the other candidates just melted away. Repetition. Drama. Shock. These are the elements of television. Oprah knows this. She has made millions mining the air waves and constantly hitting people with Oprah. Much like Trump hitting people with Trump except this time he will not be going against restrained politicians who do not really understand the entertainment business. He will be in the ring with a professional this time.

So why not Madam Oprah? I think she will run and the Democrats better get ready this time. Oprah declared herself a candidate last night and she knew exactly what she was doing. The Golden Globes ceased to exist at that moment as the Oprah Winfrey show spun up a new season. This one could go for eight years.

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