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Monday, October 2, 2017

Being in a Mass Shooting

When I was going through the Ft Lauderdale airport with my wife and children we heard the gunshots that began Esteban Santiago's rampage that left five people dead and eight wounded. You never forget that moment when your adrenalin kicks in and you go to some primal fight or flight response that gets you running. You just cant believe it is happening but once you have gone through it you never view public venues the same. I never go into a crowd without thinking that a shooter could appear from anywhere.

And watching the video from Las Vegas you see the same disbelief then terror all over again. I watched the country singer Aldine run off stage and people are already criticizing him but the thing is once that cold fear hits you there is not much you can do. Your primal response is to try and survive and the only way you can do that really is to flee. Could he have said something like there is a shooter of course. But here is the thing you don't really think you just react and the overwhelming reaction is to run and get away from those bullets.

And there will be  the same responses by the gun lobby and everyone else. But listen to that video of automatic weapon fire. It goes on and on. I just finished Ken Burns Vietnam and that kind of sustained fire was common. But that was a war.

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