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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Maybe Trump is like Teddy Roosevelt

Maybe Trump is like Teddy Roosevelt. When he told the Republicans he was cutting a deal with the Democrats and going his own way it was a Teddy move. TR was a pragmatist who wanted to get things done and would do whatever he had to to achieve his ends. In 1912 he told his own party he had enough when they wouldn't give him the nomination and gave it to Taft instead. TR then formed the Bull Moose Party had a convention at the Congress Hotel and took 27 percent of the vote. Woodrow Wilson won with the Republican Party split down the middle.

So now Trump has gone TR. He doesn't care about the Republicans. He cares about getting some thing done and will use whatever party suits him. And he is not done yet. He played the Republican Party and everyone knows it to get him to the White House. Teddy finally was done with the Two party system when he realized they would never change and come around to his thinking. Maybe that is what happened with Trump on the debt ceiling.

Taking on Standard Oil, building the Panama Canal, taking on the Trusts, Teddy saw himself free to pursue what he saw as his just causes. Donald Trump now can come out from the shadows and free himself of the cover of the Republicans and pursue his just causes. Maybe his next convention will be at the Congress Hotel. The Bull Trump Party.

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