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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Fame without Talent

Tis the age we live in. Fame without talent. Start with the Kardashians, veer to Donald Trump, then go where you want. It is ubiquitous. The latest is the budding Youtube star who convinced his wife to shoot in him in the chest with a book in front of him. It killed him. He wanted more viewers for his channel. He wanted fame. It is all around us. Just look at kids who spend all their times doing selfies or creating music videos with themselves at the center. Look at Facebook. It is the look at me motif with tattoos and flaming orange hair gone bad.

But if there is no talent then eventually fame flames out. For some it goes a long time depending on the money involved. But for middle class people angling for some oddity to push them into the stratosphere of quick silver fame it usually burns out very quickly. YouTube stars leer at people and proclaim anyone can do it. Just start filming yourself and put it out there. You are the star and you will pull the people unless of course you don't.

The couple with the book lived in the middle of nowhere. The husband was a bit of a daredevil. Their hook was look at our young crazy lives. So what is crazier than shooting a bullet into a book with your chest behind it with a fifty caliber pistol. It hit the Washington Post so I suppose it worked. Of course she is up for mansalughter, so maybe she can revel in the cascading ticker of viewers looking for some gore from prison.

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