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Monday, March 27, 2017

What Hillary Clinton Must Be Thinking

You know that feeling when you lose the game because someone cheated. When my son was in Boy Scouts there was a Pinewood Derby race and we won every race but the last one. On that race the scoutmaster allowed the other car to stay on the fast lane. I never got an explanation and we lost but I suspected it was because the scoutmaster was friends with the other father. Anyway we lost and the other car won, but it bothered me for a long time.

Now we have the Russians who clearly influenced our election and threw it to Donald Trump. We just don't know how involved the Trump people were with the Russians. So it was not a fair election. Hillary did not get a chance to put her car on the fast track which would have been the the Russians releasing all the information on candidate Trump as well. So there was cheating. How does Hillary Clinton square this away?

Does she shake her head every day after she reads the paper? Does she watch the news saying to Bill, can you believe they did this to me? Can you believe the Russians cost me the election? Is she bitter? Does she want revenge on Trump or the Russians? Or does she ignore it all because it is just too painful. You have to wonder. I mean I lost the Pine Wood Derby.

But Hillary Clinton lost the Presidency.

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