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Thursday, February 2, 2017

We Have No One To Blame But Ourselves

If you are freaking. If you are scared. If you are sizing up your yard for a bunker that can survive a thermonuclear blast then look no further than your fellow citizens for someone to blame. Only 55% of voting age people cast a vote in 2016 that means 90 million votes were left on the table. Did you really think citizenship was optional? Guess what, it's not. Need you read further than the national prayer breakfast where Donald trashed Arnie for his ratings on the apprentice. Or anything that has happened in the last two weeks.

So what happened. Oh I don't like the two candidates so I'm not going to vote.  Guess what the other side didn't think that way. They voted and voted and voted and now when you read the NY Times or watch the news and feel that pit in your stomach then just look around and figure out who decided they were to good to vote in the last election and there is your culprit. Even with the three million over the top it was not enough. Those other people needed to belly up to the bar and cast their votes.

You see a lot of people didn't turn up their nose and think they were to dignified to cast a vote in an election that presented two less than stellar candidates. A lot of people saw an opportunity and not only did they vote but their friends voted as well. Just remember that when you start counting up your can goods and figuring out how many people  you can fit in your bunker.

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