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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Stranded in Florida Afer the Shooting

You dont sleep that well. You keep wondering if you have been traumatized. Then you find out you cant get home until Monday. No flights going out. So you with all the other people at the Quality Inn eat the breakfast and sit around the pool trying to find a way home. The stories swirl around. People who were right there and people who just ran with everyone else.  That was the scariest moment of my life someone says. And I have been in some scary stuff.

You read the coverage and it gets some of the story. A lot is missing. The lady with her baby behind the cab.  People face dwon on the concrete trying to make sure their body is smaller than it is. The news people trying to act normal while everyone cowers and the police running from one sound to another. The helicopers overhead and the rumors flying all over. The shooter is still out there or has he been captured. No one knows.

But now you are in the strange twilight of being stuck. Two days until home to Chicago. You are one of the lucky ones. You are still breathing.

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