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Friday, January 20, 2017

Men's Party Has Failed....Women's March Is Start for Women's Party

There is a new party. It is a third party of sorts but it has been around for a long time. But it has been unified by the election of Donald Trump and more than any other third party this one is here to stay and it's time is coming fast. The Women's Party is on the move. It is really the last party that can unite everyone around a common theme..saving ourselves and the planet. The Men's Party has blown it and shown they are incapable of leading anymore. We need a party with a whole different way of looking at the world...we need the Women's Party.

I have written before that women are morally superior to men. Just look at our mothers. Dad was always a bit suspect while mom laid down the law. In short she did the heavy lifting. Dad may have been the funny guy who was fun to be around but when the real bad stuff went down you wanted your mom. She got it. She would do the work that was required and not go off into weird land on her computer or in the garage. Mom was reliable, tough, moral, and she knew dad was a buffoon but never let on.

So in the blasted landscape of a Trump Presidency we now have the Women's March and the new party of women who got thrown under the bus in this election. But the Men's Party has shown their time is over. They simply cant get it right and will never put people first. It's not  in their primal warrior hunter DNA. Besides all that it is simply time. Hillary missed this time, but I am betting on 2020. The Year of the Women's Party.

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