Sunday, January 15, 2017

Donald Trumps Rare Opportunity

Trump could reset the whole game. I mean the whole game by coming forward and really providing a health care plan that would cover everyone and drop premiums and deductibles. He will have to do it alone because the Republicans wont go for it and the drug companies wont either. If the democrats see daylight in a better plan that will cover the twenty million about to lose their coverage then they could get on board. But here it is. He is up to bat and he has to prove he doesn't owe anyone anything and he really does care about people who are without health coverage.

Up until now it has all been insanity. But lets face it. Foibles aside if he can be a battering ram who breaks down walls and barriers and DOES THE RIGHT THING. Well, then that is a game changer. That is a whole new ball game. So far greed has been the Ayn Rand Paul Ryan platform of let the weak die out because only the strong deserve to live . It is the tight fisted far right dogma...but if  we might have a truly independent president beholding to nobody...then we might have a chance.  But the republicans will not go down without a fight.

Trump will have to throw off the last McConnell Ryan shackles of crony capitalism and show that he really cares about the little guy. Hopefully there is that Brooklyn guy back there in his DNA who knows what its like for the guy who really needs health care. It is Donald's moment to reset the whole game. Lets see what he comes up with.

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