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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Why People Should Keep Talking About Politics

The law was laid down at talking politics. No one wanted a confrontation and it was better to let dead dogs lie. My father took a different view than mine and we didn't talk for three days after the election. No that anyone was mad it's just neither of us wanted to get into  it. Since the election there has been an unofficial gag order in place and people have been whispering and saying that its best not to talk about it anymore. The election is over and what is it going to change anyway. This is exactly the wrong position to take.

We should talk even more. Especially in families and with friends. Look if you live in a democracy then you have to talk politics. There is simply no other way to have it. Donald Trump was elected. Fine. Lets talk about it. Why was the popular vote so off. Why did the electoral college hand it over when clearly a majority wanted it the other way. How is this going to all play out? What do you think of General Matthis. Whatever. People have to get over their squeamishness and get it out in the open. Otherwise we risk a damaged political process.

And there will be rancor. There will be disagreements. But adults should be able to handle it . You could make a case that the election ended up the way it did because people didn't talk enough. Especially Democrats and Republicans. For time I talk to my father...I am going to go right to the heart of the matter. So tell me...why did you vote for your candidate?

Let the games begin.

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