Monday, December 19, 2016

Madam Presidents Last Shot

It is the Hail Mary in the last minute of the last quarter of the Superbowl. It is the come from behind shot that nobody quite believes as the buzzer sounds and the three point basket wins the game. Or is it Donald Trumps Postman that always rings twice? The noir novel of the thirties where the couple thinks they have gotten away with murder only to have tragedy hit at the eighth hour. All clumsy metaphors aside this really is it for the woman who lost in a perfect storm of bad luck that gave the election to Donald Trump.

The NY Times called it Trumps luck. Or was it Madam Presidents bad luck. A one percentage point swing in battleground states with winner take all electors. Now that was a come from behind pass that went right over the First Woman President supporters nipping their fingers and coming down into the deft hands of a an unemployed white electorate who really believe the man in the red hat. America will be Great Again and you will have a job. So now we have come to this moment.

The Electors will either keep the hope of Democrats and Hillary Clinton alive or the game will be called and the victors will celebrate and the losers will go down into history. History is written by the victors and this one will be for the books. So all those suffragettes along with Alice Paul and every other woman who froze outside the White House chaining themselves to the gates while Edith Wilson ran the  government in secret will be holding their breath...because after today the last shot will be no more.

Madam President the Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

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