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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How Did the Government Cover Up the Edith Wilson Presidency in 1919?

If you think government cover ups are new just look at the Edith Wilson Presidency. President Woodrow Wilson was struck down by a stroke that left him paralyzed and unable to govern. What should have happened was theVice President takes over. But Edith Wilson along with Secretary Tumulty and Dr. Grayson the Presidents physician conspired to tell no one of the presidents condition and have Mrs. Wilson take over as president. So the conspiracy started with three people and then involved Wilson himself who knew enough that he should of given up the presidency.

Edith began governing by using three tactics. One she would return items and basically ignore the business of the White House. Or she would scrawl on documents instructions in her child like hand and either instruct the person to wait or to take action. Or she would delegate problems off to the heads of departments. On legislation she either let it go through or signed it herself. All the while Dr. Grayson, Edith, and Secretary Tumulty kept the front up that the President was just suffering from nervous exhaustion.

Meanwhile newspapers speculated the President had gone mad, had syphilis, or had died. Some guessed he had a stroke but this did  not change the conspirators who kept Wilson out of view for five months and then decided to drive him around in the presidential limousine, propped up with his hat on, his right side that was not paralyzed facing the world. Meanwhile Edith continued to appoint cabinet ministers, fire them, scrawling orders of state and signing bills. Even when it was all over the cover up held for seventy years with Edith adding to it in her  memoir which she wrote to specifically to deny she had any role at all.

But now we know. The greatest government cover up occurred in 1919 and it involved our First Woman President. If Hillary had made it she would have been the second Woman President. But for now...Edith Wilson alone holds that title.

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