Thursday, December 1, 2016

At Least We Don't Have To Watch The News Anymore

I was addicted. The talking heads. The panels. Anderson Cooper turning one way and then the other and legitimizing the absurd. Now we don't have to watch these  people anymore. Forget about the fact they were all wrong about the election. Forget that they switched positions like the wind. The real reason we don't have to watch the same people pontificate night after night is because it doesn't really matter. The election proved we were just watching entertainment dressed up as news. In the end style over substance took the day.

I turned on the television  last night just to take a peek. There was Anderson doing his thing with Elizabeth Warren. He listened with a new face. Sort of hard bitten. The dispassionate better get ready for the new order expression. But the United States was all red how do you respond to that? Yes the coasts are blue and the interior is red that would account for the vast stretches of the West. But again Anderson is in shock and awe mode. David Gergen the veteran was the man who got me to turn off the box when he compared Donald Trump to FDR after he saved some jobs in Indiana.

In a way it doesn't matter what they say. The fact is talk is just talk. Spin. And we were the people they were spinning to and in the end none of it mattered a bit. In the end spin is spin and we wasted hours watching the center ring not aware that the circus had already left town. Better to cue up reruns of Downton Abbey. At least there is veracity.

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