Monday, November 14, 2016

What Really Happened to Madam President

Think back to 2008. Remember Hillary was running as an agent of change after George Bush. She was  going to be the first woman president and bring us into the light after the Bush years. And then, then there was this skinny African American Dude. I remember because I was voting for Hillary. She was going to be the left progressive woman president who would be the breath of fresh air. Barack Obama came on slowly at first and then the wave of change swept away all that had been before .I realized along with everyone else that we didn't need a little change but A LOT OF CHANGE. So I switched my support to Obama and the rest is history.

 It was an amazing end run around the First Woman President. Her change seemed suddenly like establishment politics. But when that happened I wondered if Obama would do the hard grunt work of politics. We found out he didn't care for that too much and Hillary if nothing else is a soldier. But it didn't matter she had been outflanked and so she became Secretary of State and waited. And her turn came back up. This time she would not be outflanked because Mr. Change himself was for her. And Donald Trump was tearing up the primaries on the other side. A walk in the park.

Besides Trump was crazy. He was a renegade. He was change with a Molotov cocktail. No chance he will get the primary .Meanwhile Hillary and Obama consolidated by eliminating the only threat they could see...the Socialist from Vermont. He was poised to do what Obama had done and run around Hillary. Not again. He almost pulled it off but lost gas at the end. The far left end run would not happen. Bernie was onboard or at least neutralized. And Trump...who wanted that kind of change?

But then...then...those rallies. That assault on the Midwest of pickup trucks and factories. Democrat land. They sure flocked to those rallies. But a change agent. Not a chance. Obama was change and Hillary was now Obama. The African Americans, women, and Latino know what side their bread is buttered on and they would vote for the change coalition. Still... those rallies.

The election night then. The strange rumblings as the firewall of blue Midwestern states crumbled. Could it  be. Those rallies This this...Trump...change? Yes. The end run this time by the billionaire. He caught the pass and went to the left of Hillary's flank from the RIGHT. Brilliant. But it was the same end run of  2008. Change you want change..well we need more than a little change WE NEED A LOT OF  CHANGE.  Hillary heard the wind and you cant help but wonder did she flash back to 2008 when the Obama scampered around her left just like Trump did eight years later.

 So the end run of change is now the politics of two elections. Stanad in the center at your peril. Madam President is the cautionary tale of playing it safe. Not now. Probably not ever again. Someone will grab the microphone lest you strike out a bold position. The era of establishment politics is over forever.  And that is what happened to Madam President.

Twice. Sigh.

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