Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Long Road for Women

Hillary Clinton was close. There seemed no way around it. She would be the First Elected Woman President. She would be the logical conclusion of the march for women's rights begun by Susan B Anthony and Alice Paul. Even while Edith Wilson was running the White House the suffragettes were chaining themselves to the White House gates. Those women stayed out there in rain and snow to the point President Wilson offered for them to come in and get warm. They refused.

And then Alice Paul decided more extreme measures were needed. That men would never give women the vote unless forced too. So she began to lie down in the road leading to the White House and was eventually arrested. She then went on a hunger strike and was force fed. Then they committed her to an insane asylum. But she persisted and won the war of public opinion. Women did get the vote in 1921.

And it would seem after all the Gloria Steinem's and Geraldine Ferraro's that the White House was in sight for women. But power is never given up easily. Some say a woman following an African American was just too much. Some say Hillary overplayed her hand. Most just don't know what happened. But it was close. Women made it past the White House gates this time they will go all the way to the Oval Office. 2020. It does have a ring.

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