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Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Hangover That Won't Quit

You wake up and there is something wrong. You feel like you were drinking the night before. A heaviness that pulls you down. A dark cloud on your soul. What the hell was in that drink? And then your head clears and you realize that you didn't drink a thing. You went to bed early not believing the television. Like a thunderclap it comes to you and you don't quite believe it. Not really. Maybe a bad dream but no... it is true.

You go back to the thousand conversations. All those hours watching debates. Your remember thinking that at least it was good television and that eventually the serious candidates would take over. But then there was that night. You just stared at the television and watched the walls fall down. It was like a virus taking over the electoral map. How could all that red subsume all that blue. But it did.

Finally you could watch no more. You woke hoping that somehow someway it was a mistake. No the electoral college had done in America. The popular vote told the tale but it didn't matter. The  man who no one could fathom ever getting close to the presidency had just been elected. You might as well start drinking because the four year hangover has just begun.

Better get some ice.

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