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Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Cheap Seats of Wrigley

You went there in the off years and there were many. During the summer when the world was asleep and a hot dog and a beer and a breeze off the lake made you think you died and gone to heaven. And a lot of times you came in on SRO's and made your way down to the expensive seats. Nobody seemed to care because the Cubs hadn't won for a very long time and there were open seats. And still it didn't matter because you were in Wrigley and the ivy and the neighborhood and the peanuts and the guy selling beer were something out of a different time.

And then they started to win and the Billy Goat curse seemed to lift. Who knows if it was the reason they had lost all those years but it was a convenient scape goat. No pun intended. And the SROs went up in price and it became harder to get to the good seats. Celebrities started showing up. And ticket prices hit the thousands. Still the Mets stalled them and people cursed the goat and wondered again if 1908 was really it.

But then they came back and even at the end the curse seemed to come back. How could a team be two down in the World Series and come back and win in the other teams town? But they did. And even after they won you knew it was already in the history books. And maybe those old days of cheap seats and the easy walk down to the good seats are gone forever.  Eventually though the ticket prices will fall and the celebrities will go back to Hollywood and it will just be the beer guy and the peanuts and the breeze off the lake. 2016 will be the year people will look back to and say... that was when the Cubs Won The World Series!

Until next year. Go Cubs.

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