Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Starbucks Nation

 Maybe Donald Trump was elected because people have nowhere to go anymore. If you work at home then eventually you will end up at Starbucks. Get out of the house and find somewhere you can hunker down. There are people working there but there are a lot of other people there too. The chronically unemployed. Some homeless people. Disaffected teens. Old men brought by daughters and sons who have moved back home. Old women brought by the same. And you have to ask the question where do people have to go?

F. Scott Fitzgerald said there is nothing greater than the difference between the sick and the well. Or the unemployed and the employed. The old and the young. The lonely and the married. There is a great marginalized swath of people in the United States. They cant participate in our LCD culture anymore. They don't resemble people on television in any shape or form. Not that anyone does. The talking heads that did such a bad job on the election are all very wealthy people having a fantastic time preening on television in clothes middle class people cannot afford.

We are a jeans and tennis shoes people. This is the new peasant ware. And now that Donald Trump has been elected we are all peasants and serfs. The Uber rich will parade past us like a reality show of the rich and famous except this show will run for possibly eight years. And so the left behinds will grow and Starbucks will fill with people in walkers and on canes in their faded jeans and tennis shoes. People who have nowhere to go.

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