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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Madam Presidents Odds Same as Kicker on 38 yard line

That's right. Think of Robby Gould going up to kick on the 38 yard line. You assume he will make it. You assume he wont hook or someone will break through the line and get a hand on it. But there is always that possibility. In Solider Field there is wind off Lake Michigan. It gets cold. Hands get slippery. The kicker might not place the ball correctly. The ball could come off the kickers foot at an angle. It could hit the goal posts. He might just shank it.

But nine times out of ten a thirty eight yard kick  is a walk in the park. No one really doubts it. When a kicker doesn't make a kick like this people shake their heads. Some see it as  just bad luck. Others say it was not meant to be. The Gods were not on their side. They were not meant to win. Or maybe the kicker has lost it. Maybe the kicker like Robby Gold should be traded away. Maybe he is in a rut.

Madam President should have this in the bag. After all thirty eight yards is nothing The ball should fly right through the goal posts and we should have our first woman president. But things do happen. Robby Gould was the Bears go to kicker for years and then he blew some keys kicks and just like that he was traded. He doesn't even play anymore.

Madam President should take nothing for granted.

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