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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Madam President has almost a million votes more....does it matter?

 My grandfather was an elector in Virginia. He never had to vote against the majority to my knowledge. But almost a million people voted for Madam President over Donald Trump. But she lost the electoral vote. So now what? I was on Chicago Tonight and in the green room were two people there to discuss the essence of the electoral college. Their take. It is an anachronistic dinosaur that should have been abolished years ago. Apparently it was only created to protect the slave holding states. That was it. Other than that there is no reason this system of electors should exist. In ever other election in our country it is a plurality vote. Mayor or governor or Senator they are elected by the numbers.

But this is the whining of the loser people say Maybe so. But still it is a stunning turn of events. If Donald Trump had  won the election by a million votes and lost in the electoral college, what would have happened? Well he would not have accepted the results. Would that have mattered? No, not really. Would people demonstrate? Yes. The two men who were on Chicago Tonight pointed out that the problem with the electoral college is it was based on a country that had much less people. Representation was an issue then. 

I asked them right before they went on if the electors would vote differently on Dec 13 and select someone other than Donald Trump. They shrugged. Historically this has never happened. A few electors might peel off but the main vote for the candidate. So to the victor belongs the spoils. At least in the electoral college. 

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