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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

If Women Ruled The World Would Be Better Off

Lets face it, women are better people than men. I know I am a man. If you are married then you know what I am saying. Women are taught and have empathy at a very early age. It is in the genes. But more than that boys are told to act in self interest. Getting ahead and achieving is preeminent. And the guidelines are unclear. If you happen to make the football team by flattening the other kid so much the better. Or if you best the school bully with a punch in the nose even better. Or if you ride down the street with no hands and plow into a car then you are commended for being a daredevil.

Girls are told on the other hand to think of others. To put others before yourself. Ever watch women get together and compliment each other. I like  your dress. That is cute on you. Ever see men do that. Men  stare at each other and rarely give out compliments...they are too busy bragging. Men brag while women give compliments. The world is full of braggarts. In face we are up to the brim with braggarts and now we have a braggart in chief.

So how does this all relate to the world? Well. Wars. The ultimate hubris. Helping the less fortunate. The environment. Human rights. Civil discourse. We just saw a slash and burn campaign of men hacking each other up. Hillary never seemed to have a knack for it. But no. I believe after the Donald tour the world would be better off with those girls who were told to think of others before themselves. Man... do we need that now.

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