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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Doing Live Television

The first question on any interview. Is it live? Yes. Ok. No problem. So you arrive early by about an hour and hang around the parking lot and try not to move to much. No sweating allowed. Six thirty is makeup and lighting. So you go in about six fifteen and go to the Green room to wait. The famed green room looks like a conference room with a long table and  a big screen to watch the show on. You sit and it is not so much you are nervous it is just you cant quite get straight in your head what you are going to talk about. You will have eight minutes for your segment.

The other guests arrive. A Bush transition team and some professors to talk about the Electoral College. You are the kicker. at the end. The fun interview. The Author. You kill time looking out a window overlooking the studio. It is still dark and looks like an industrial warehouse with alien cameras on the floor and lights hanging from the rafters. The set looks a bit cheesy but then the illusion is not in place. The girl calls you for makeup and you go downstairs where it is much cooler and quiet.

Lots of base. Lots of base. Skin is not flawless and high def requires pancake makeup. This ends and you go in for a light check.  The studio is lit and you stare into a camera while they adjust the lighting and then you are back upstairs. You watch on the monitor as the other people go down the stairs and magically appear on the show. Now you have a problem. You are beginning to sweat. Not Albert  Brooks sweating but glistening. The girl sees this and dabs more powder on your face. You are last and yes you are getting nervous.

Ok Its time. You go down the stairs and stand behind a wall. The door to the control room is open and you hear people counting down. Go Camera 1 Go Camera 2 Cut to one on one. You stand trying not to breathe because you are clearly sweating now. The other guests troop by. You envy them.  They are done. They didn't freak out. You hear the control room. Set up for the author. The girl takes you in to the set. To your right are men with computers and monitors just off the set. You see yourself. You don't do that again.

Just relax the the host says while the music plays. You unbutton your coat then button it then unbutton it. The host looks at the camera and starts talking and then the camera moves and flashes red. You talk for eight minutes and it goes by fast. You don't even remember it. The music comes up and then it is over. The lights in the studio come on and the host shouts out, Goodnight everybody. He i's gone. People are clearing out like mad.. It's eight o'clock at night. Time to get home. You are taken out by the girl and then you are back in the parking lot and it  is very quiet.

Your phone rings.

Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

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