Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Women Went Through Hell for Madam President

They laid down in front of carriages. They froze out by the White House gates. They endured hunger strikes and force feedings and were committed to insane asylums. Some died in obscurity after being shunned by society. A few were recognized for their efforts. Some were beaten and jailed and fined. They were viewed as modern terrorists and had to back down a world of men bent on never giving them the vote. And even when the law passed and Edith Wilson was running the White House no one was sure if the states were going to ratify the amendment.

It is amazing to think that African Americans had the vote fifty years before women. We always assume that blacks were far more oppressed than women but women weren't even seen as citizens. They did not vote and they had no power. So when we think of Edith Wilson taking over the White House and running it for two years it is amazing she could get anything accomplished in a world run by men. But she did and she worked in the White House as the suffragettes protested outside the White House gates.

And now we are entertaining the first woman president. Hillary Clinton has gone to hell and back to end up where she is. There is little doubt her way was paved with women who gave everything... so that in the year 2106 a woman could be elected to the highest office in the land.

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