Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sure Honey I'm Voting The Same Way

But she  isn't. The revolt goes back to a 1921 scenario. Women are getting the vote and the American home is in flames. The next thing you know women will demand the same pay for equal jobs. And now we have women who are going against the patriarch. This is especially true in republican households where spouses have voted in sync for years but now there is this. Women are looking at the first woman president and Donald Trump and according to an article in the Chicago Tribune they are secretly going their own way.

Some are not so secret. Pollsters coming to the door are being turned away with the wife running out the door and saying she agrees with them. Trump has thrown down the gauntlet for even the most conservative households. The de riguer vote for the standard bearer is under assault as couples fight over the television. Men are wearing headphones and watching Fox News while wives go into bedrooms and secretly dial up MSNBC. This all screams out the early conflagrations of the Vote in 1921 and men like Teddy Roosevelt proclaiming it will undermine the household.

Like it or not we are facing the prospect of the First Woman President and under the Trump assault this peeps out of the covers as a call from the past and a glance toward the future. And so some couples whose marriage is in danger of being pulled asunder by politics decide it is better to just lie. Sure honey, I'm voting the same way you are. Uh huh.

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