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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton Will Not Be The First Woman President

Edith Wilson beat her to the punch. Hillary Clinton will be the first elected woman president. A small distinction you might say but Edith did reign from 1919 to 1921 and she had to step into the presidential shoes while her husband convalesced from a massive stroke. Edith Wilson had the end of World War I to deal with, returning  dough boys, a faltering economy, and a husband who was in danger of expiring. Dr. Dercums mandate that she keep all stress from the president cemented her role and put her in the White House until 1921

Edith famously replied to a demand from senators to see the president by saying that she was not concerned with the presidents health she was concerned with the health of her husband. Some say this pointed to a person without the best interest of the country at heart. But we have to give a break to the woman who only had two years schooling and no real experience in government except what she had leaned from Woodrow Wilson. She was doing the best she could as she fielded legislation, appointments, foreign crisis's, and tried to keep her husbands devastated condition a secret.

There was no coronation. No inaugural ball. But Edith did rule and one has only to look at the papers of Woodrow Wilson to see the correspondence pushed her way. Or simply research the presidents condition. Eventually Edith began pushing the president out to the south portico of the White House for air in a Coney Island wheelchair that supported his paralyzed left side. She then showed him movies in the Red Room and eventually took him for drives. But all this was in the care of a very sick man. In her memoir written in 1939 Edith said she was a steward of the presidency but she slipped up twice and called Woodrow Wilson an invalid in a letter to a friend.

 Not a smoking gun per say, but an invalid is not a president.

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