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Friday, October 28, 2016

Edith and Woodrow Wilson's Strange Road Trips

The President  had manged to get into a Coney Island wheelchair and sit out on the south portico of the White House to get air. He was wrapped in blankets and stared into the bloodless sun and wondered what had happened to his presidency. Meanwhile Edith was desperate to find something that would make the president happy or at least release him from his terrible depression over his devastating stroke.  She had begun showing him movies in the Red Room but he often fell asleep or began crying if the scenes were too intense.

Before they were married she and Woodrow would take long drives in the country to relieve stress and get away from the prying eyes of the White House. Edith wondered if it might work again and had a ramp built in the back of the White House so the President could get into the Pierce Arrow limousine. Even with the ramp it took four secret service men to lift him into the car. The agents positioned Wilson on the right side of the car with his right side facing out so no one would know his left side was paralyzed. They put his hat on and they were off.

The presidential limousine that weighed four tons and looked like something out of the Adams family went around Washington a few times and then they headed for the country. When cars passed them Wilson demanded the driver give chase and he be allowed to hold court on the side of the road for speeding. Many people were not sure the man in the back of the car was the president. Many had not heard or seen him for over a year. When he returned he was greeted by the families of the secret service men instructed to cheer.  Wilson turned to Edith with a tear in his eye..."you see Edith, they still  love me".

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