Thursday, September 29, 2016

Woodrow Wilson's Other Woman'

In light of the fact that Bill Clintons peccadillo's are fast becoming campaign fodder with Mr. Trump saying he is fair game and sure to invoke the equivalent of a nuclear first strike in the next debate by shaming Hillary with her shaming of Bills is probably time to remember there is nothing new under the sun. And Woodrow Wilson beat Bill Clinton by about a hundred years with a woman named Mary Peck.

It was very nineteenth century in that no one could say what exactly happened but it went like this. Woodrow left his first wife Ellen for a "rest cure" and went to Bermuda when he was President of Princeton. There he met Mary Peck and hobnobbed with Mark Twain and other luminaries. Wilson had a quick mind and was taken with Mary Pecks wit, beauty, and her early flapper ways. Bermuda was the left bank of it's time and there was a bohemian quality to Mary that Wilson responded to. So what happened....

Well Wilson started writing letters. Hundreds of letters to her. And then he went back to Bermuda again without his wife. He saw Mary  Peck and if a physical component entered into the relationship it was here. Lets just say it got bad enough that Wilson confessed to his wife Ellen and they had to "put it behind them.;" Ellen would later say the "Mary Peck affair" was the only time he had caused her unhappiness. But it wasn't over.
Mary Peck surfaced while Wilson was in the White House and he had to help her out financially and then the letters he had written almost saw the light during his election campaign. And then finally he had to tell Edith about Mary as the letters were being offered around for sale. Edith took the high road and decided the past was the past. So when the circus begins in the next debate just remember it has all been done before.

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