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Friday, September 9, 2016

What You Don't Know About The First Madam President

She was from the South. Her name was Edith Bolling Wilson and married President Woodrow Wilson after his wife Ellen Wilson died. They were only married four years and then Woodrow had a massive stroke and Edith took over the White House. This was in 1919 and from here on Edith Wilson ran the government until 1921. She had only two years of school and had run a successful jewelry company after her first husband died. She owned one of the first electric cars in Washington and was given the first drivers license in the District of Columbia. She was fifteen years younger than Woodrow Wilson and considered very attractive. 

They necked in the presidential limousine when they were courting. Edith deciphered top secret codes for the President. When he had a stroke she controlled who saw him and who didn't.  She oversaw legislation and secured appointments for his cabinet. All this while her husband was on deaths door and many thought he would die. She saw the Vice President only once and told him his services weren't needed. She oversaw the end of World War I and was in the middle of the fight to get the United States into the League of Nations. 

She would show her husband movies and wheel him outside to the South Portico for air. She had him put in the presidential limousine and propped up so people would know he was still alive. She outlived him by forty years and was at John Kennedy's inauguration. She wrote a memoir in 1939 and denied running the White House. In the National Archives are correspondence that was never opened during her Presidency and discovered in the 1950s. She just couldn't get to it. 

She was our first woman President and has never been recognized for her service to the country.

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