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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What if a Man got Pneumonia and Didn't tell Anybody and then Fainted?

TRUE GRIT! He never gave up. He kept at it like a solider! Amazing! The man had pneumonia and he didn't let that stop him. No sir. Unh Unh. He just kept going to those campaign stops and let me tell you he is no whiner. Not a peep. Just a cough that's all he said and to think all this time he has been walking around with pneumonia! John Wayne no doubt. He would never complain about a cough. The man had cancer and had a lung removed and he still made movies! That's the kind of man you want to be President not some whiner who stops because of some crappy little bacterial infection like pneumonia.

That's why you need a man to be President. They are tough. They don't sit there and tell everyone they are sick. They keep it to themselves by God and it wasn't until he fainted that people knew. And even then he didn't want help. They made him get in that van. Hell no he wont go! Take Teddy Roosevelt. The man was shot and then still went on and gave a speech in Milwaukee. He wouldn't let pneumonia slow him down.. Why he would just lead another charge up a hill and then build the Panama Canal and after that he would go West to join the round up. Now there was a man! That was a President!

You don't stop. You don't tell anyone you are sick. YOU KEEP GOING!You don't stop until you fall down and I mean fall down. You got to that next stop until your knees buckle. That's what men do. They don't tell the press or people on their staff. By Godfrey they beat back that pesky cough and triumph! Now that's a MAN! Could you imagine a woman getting pneumonia. HA! Why the first thing she would do is stop and tell the press and her staff and probably try to get well! She sure woudn't press on and go to some memorial service and stay there until she dropped. Are you kidding? Women aren't that tough. The next thing they will say is a woman ran the White House when a president had a stroke and finished out World War I !

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