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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What do Hillary Clinton and Woodrow Wilson have in common?

Hillary Clinton is a democrat. So was Woodrow Wilson. Hillary is a progressive in every sense of the word.  So was Woodrow. Hillary had been fighting the republicans for years. Woodrow Wilson was hated by Henry Cabot Lodge and a large part of the republican party. They both tried to push through legislation that did not pass. Woodrow lost the league of nations and Hillary lost health care. They both have strong independent spouses. Edith Wilson was so strong she took over the White House and we need to say no more about President Clinton. And finally, Hillary Clinton has a thrombosis in her brain, a blood cloth. And so did Woodrow Wilson

In 1919 there were no blood thinners. There was no beta blockers. Woodrow Wilson was suffering from hardening of the arteries and for years dealt with hypertension. It became so severe he took to his bed many times until his blood pressure went down. Hillary Clinton has had several falls and the thrombosis in her brain and her leg are kept in check with blood thinners. For Woodrow Wilson all he could do was wait until the thrombosis either burst or caused a massive stroke. Hillary Clinton exercises and eats right and is monitored by the best medical science money can buy. Woodrow  Wilson had only the "rest cure" to fall back on. 

When Woodrow Wilson had a massive stoke his wife Edith and the White House covered it up. The public never knew the President was bedridden. There was no medial disclosure required of a sitting president. Hillary Clinton has released more medical information than any presidential candidate in history. There was a flap when she didn't tell the world she had pneumonia as a candidate running for office.  President Woodrow Wilson would almost die in the White House and no one would know. 

So there are similarities. But the vast difference in medical science from 1919 to 2016 makes what would have been deadly before a treatable condition. Woodrow Wilson hid his ailments his whole life.,,Hillary Clinton has let the world know and has moved on. That makes all the difference 

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