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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Vote Against Women

We really don't think about it too much but there is a vote against women in this election. They are a minority and for a lot of people women are looped in with African Americans, Muslims,  Mexicans and "the other." Misogyny is alive and well and we don't have to look far to see it displayed on our national stage. The suffragettes knew this very well and people like Alice Paul saw it as a war on women. She went so far as to lay down in front of carriages and carry on hunger strikes and was eventually force fed and put in an insane asylum.

She knew that there were elements in the country that would never let women have the vote in 1919 which ironically is the year Edith Wilson took over the White House. The great juxtaposition of history is that while Edith Wilson was running the government as the First Woman President the suffragettes were chaining themselves to the White House gate. They had no idea they had hopscotched right over the gate and into the presidency. It still took two more years for women to get the vote.

And today we assume most people have no problem with a Woman President. But this isn't true. There are people who believe a woman is not strong enough or has enough "stamina" for the job. That was the pitch the other night at the debate. And then there are just people who are women haters. But the vote against women is very real and will be a factor in the election It is the reason that Edith Wilson never claimed she ran the government in her 1939 Memoir. She knew better than to upstage a man...particularly a president.

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