Friday, September 16, 2016

Madam President Can No Longer Just Hang On

When I used to wrestle I would get ahead by two points and then I would just hang on. All I had to do was keep my opponent from getting a take down or escaping. I had two points and I had two minutes to get through which on the wrestling mat is an eternity. Madam President thought all she had to do was hang on until the buzzer sounded and Trump would continue to implode and her lead would hold. Neither seems to be true now.  She needs to get more points.

And in wrestling that meant getting another take down or pinning your opponent which is essentially a knockout punch. Hillary had it made for a while and the match seemed to be hers but then Donald calmed down a  little and she stumbled at the 9/11 memorial. In wrestling the opponent has escaped and is now on the loose and the score is tied. Essentially that is what we have now; a tied match and somebody has get a take down. Which would lead to the debate.

But Hillary can no longer even wait for that. She needs to attack now and make more noise than the Donald. No easy feat. But if the match is even then you have no choice but to attack and go for points. The debate should be hers but there is the thought that Trump people are locked in no matter what and that leaves the undecided. Madam President can no longer just hang on and wait for the buzzer...she has to attack and she better do it now.

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