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Friday, September 23, 2016

Edith and Woodrow Wilson Were the Hillary and Bill of Their Time

Edith and Woodrow Wilson were years ahead of their time. They were a young in spirit couple who necked in the Presidential limousine,  recited poetry to each other up by the fire in the presidential residence and went on secret romantic jaunts while dating. But here is where it gets interesting. Woodrow Wilson brought Edith into everything even before they were married. She was decoding top secret ciphers and getting state papers and Woodrow used her as a sounding board on whether the United States should enter World War I. Sound like anyone you know?

The Clinton's are the original power couple of our time and Hillary was in on everything just like Edith. And there were secrets especially with Clinton's indiscretions. What is fascinating is that Woodrow Wilson was treating Edith as an equal before women could even vote. Woodrow was a power house intellectual much the way Bill Clinton is. Both men had photographic memories and prided themselves on a knowledge of  policy and history.

And then we come to the women. Edith was a tough no nonsense woman who today would be called pushy and maybe more. Hillary is much the same. Both woman had to go their own way and carve out space in a world dominated by men. And both women have a penchant for secrecy. If something did happen to Hillary then there can be doubt that the White House would circle the wagons and decide what is next. Edith and Woodrow did it a hundred years before and it has remained a well guarded secret...until now.

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