Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Madam President In the Crosshairs of the Second Amendment People

If you can't win any other way then destroy the game. Sociopath. No remorse. No guilt. Just ID. I hope his children are watching. But Madam President is now the target of every lone nut in the country. The politics of fear are nothing new. It started with George Bush after 9/11. Remember the color coded alerts. Seemed they would go off whenever the poll numbers started to fall. The new politics of fear involve black copters and the government coming for your guns. That's the card Donald played. Then he went one better.

Don Lemming on CNN could not take it any more. A Trumpster said the media had made it all up. Don went after the guy and ended up in a shouting match. Even the dispassionate anchors are disturbed. One candidate telling people to take out the other candidate. Lets see where do we put that one. Maybe a third world country. Maybe the United States. One thing is for sure if Donald Trump has his way there will be nothing United about us.

So Madam President better get a bullet proof vest. Donald wears one. He also packs. Madam President could get a Glock. I am sure the Secret Service just saw a spike in threats. Paul Ryan said it sounded like a joke gone bad. He better get out of Wisconsin and wake up. That joke could get someone killed.

Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

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