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Monday, August 29, 2016

How Healthy Is Madam President In Comparison

No one knows what will happen to anyone. Presidents are just like everyone else. He was fine and then he died. We have heard this many times. She was great and then she got cancer. The President is remarkably fit. Or in Donald Trumps case he is "amazingly fit." This all comes down to some sort of bullet proof shield against mortality. It does not exist. We can protect against assassins but the dreaded disease can get through any Secret Service screen. There is simply no guarantee.

Take Reagen. Chopping wood. Riding horses. Out clearing brush on his ranch. Amazingly fit. I think the quote was the President has the constitution of a man half his age. And then he gets Alzheimer's and we don't know how bad it got but we think it was really bad at the end of his presidency and Nancy was making a lot of decisions. Or take Woodrow Wilson. Robust enough to win a second term and court and marry a woman fifteen years younger than he is. Then he has a debilitating stroke that put Edith Wilson in the White House.

Now lets take Hillary Clinton. She has been campaigning for over a year and has been under a barrage of attacks for years. She has literally been grilled for sixteen hours straight by House Republicans. Still, she smiles. Still she charges out. From FDR who died in office to Garfield who lingered after being shot for three months to Wilson who was an invalid for two years, we still have no clear definition of what constitutes being too sick to perform the job of President.

All we can hope is that someone is healthy going into the office. After that it is up to the Gods. And if experience is precedence... then Hillary Clinton looks pretty damn healthy.

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