Thursday, July 14, 2016

Would Robotic Police Be So Bad?

The gunman in Dallas was blown up with a robot. Lot of hand wringing. Military use of a robot. Is that even fair? The gunman was taken out with no more loss of life. And you know, if you think about it. Robotic police woudl not be bad. Say you are out at night. Say you are an African American in a white neighborhood. The robotic police car pulls you over. The robot approaches. License please. Maybe the driver has a gun. The robot waits. He cannot be killed. He is armored. He is not alive. The driver pulls out his license.

Thank you. The robot runs a check. His sensors tell him the driver has a metal gun. Could you please pull out your weapon. The driver does. The robot waits. No fear. No going for his gun since he is equipped with dual tasers and for a true emergency twin nine millineters already centered. So he waits while the driver pulls out his gun. Permit please. He waits again while the driver fishes for his permit. He is not worried about him pulling out another gun. He is not worried about him turning and shooting him or driving off. He waits.

Thank you. He runs a check. Thank you sir. He hands back the liense. I pulled you over for a tailight sir. Please get that fixed at your earliest convience. He hums back to his squad car. The African American driver leaves with his gun. The robot goes back to driving around. He isnt tired. He isnt crabby. He isnt scared. He just serves the public good. What a great cop.

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