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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

This is Not about Madam President or Bernie

To the people with tape on their mouths with signs Bernie or Bust and  the woman who said she would vote for the Green party... this is not about Hillary or Bernie. The bird on the podium is nothing against the iron boot of facism.  I recieved my Masters in the philosophical origins of Hitlers ideology. Reading about the Third Reich for two years and the rise of Hilter kept rising up from the the television last week and the Aryan man at the podium.

Deportation of Mexicans. Banning of Muslims and others. The Nietchian Superman is just a few steps away. Did you read Mein Kampf? I did.  My View. The view is laced with eugenics, sprinkled with Aryan superemacy where a world of blond blue eyed people is the preferred racial mix. The Uber Man. The Nietchian Super Man. You think I am kidding you? I am not. The Final Solution began this way. Any historian will tell you this is how it begains. This is how a failed artist (Hitler) rolling around beer halls in Germany convinced people that the Jews were to blame for the economic woes after World War I and then exterminated six million people.

The new scapegoat is the Mexicans, the immigrants, the other. The police need to be beefed up. The military needs to be beefed up. How did Hilter bring Germany back? He  armed her to the teeth. He gave the people the Fuhrer, the strong man. It is no conincidence that Vladamir Putin wants Madam President to lose. One strong man to another. Hilter, Mussolini, Tojo, Putin. History repeats itself.

You think I am kidding? I am not.

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