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Friday, July 15, 2016

Madam President is Losing the Narrative of First Elected Woman President

Alice Paul would be upset. She was an activist for womens rights who was jailed. Went on a hunger strike then was force fed thorugh her nose Then she was committed to an  insane asuylum. All because she wouldnt back down. She chained herself to the White House gates. She flashed the President Woodrow Wilson and Edith. She threw heself in front of carraiges. When the President offered to let her out of prison she declined and went on a hunger strike. Then when women finally got the vote, Alice Paul was thrown under the history bus and we were left with Susan B. Anthony and others who did much less.

But Alice Paul would be amazed and upset that Madam President cannot grab the mantle of First Elected President. It has been sandwiched under emails and Trumpian assualts. But the First Woman President should not be lost and Hillary should fight to get back the narrative. When Edith Wilson took over for her husband Woodrow after his stroke she became the First Woman President. But there was no recognition only a coverup. Hillary Clinton is the person poised to break the glass ceiling and this  time it can be recognized.

The First Elected Woman President is somehing her opponent cannot claim. Unless he goes transgender and we should not put that past the Donald. Madam President needs to grab the brass ring and own it. She will be the First Elected Woman President. Alice Paul would have it no other way.

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