Friday, July 22, 2016

Madam President Has to Keep Torch of Liberty Burning

The Statue of Liberty greeted all who came to the United States. Her torch burned high and on many ships those immigrants saw the beacon as the first light after a long darkness. It was the light after oppression and tyranny and for many starting over to find a better life it signified a better future.  In the early twentieth century many fled from dictators or famine with the hope that in the New World there was something better. So the long dark nights on the ship crossing the ocean, leaving all they have known and throwing the dice on America and hoping a brighter world would be there.

Madam President has her work cut out for her. There are those who would snuff that torch now. Those who would hang a sign around the neck of the Statue of Liberty saying NOT WANTED. GO BACK OR ELSE. The beacon will not burn for anyone in this new world. It will only turn those back who had risked so much to try for a better life. And even if Ellis Island is closed and many do not come by ship, the Statue of Liberty is still the symbol of the countries open arms.

Philadelphia will have to be the center of light now. If there is no counter to the darkness of Cleveland then many will not see the torch of liberty held high. The torch is flickering, make no mistake. Hillary Clinton's greatest mission will be to make sure liberties promise still burns for future generations and doesn't get snuffed by hate and the fear of the other.

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