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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Madam President and Bernie Finally Dance

She took the lead and he gracefully let her. The dance was a swing number but Bernie was graceful even when Hillary stepped on his toes. But it has been a long time coming and how long can someone sit on the side and wait. Bernie is a orator and his magic now comes to Madam Presidents side. So she cant give a great speech. So she needs someone to set her up, she hung in there until the guy in the rumpled  suit and glasses askew finally held out his hand and led her to the dance floor.

And there are those who are not happy. It was a long hard campaign. Bernie supporters are more idealistic and more about change with a capitol C. Bernie is a Socialist and that for most Americans is close to being a Communist. But now he was the gentlemen and finally uttered those words Madam President must have heard in her sleep. I endorse Hillary Clinton.

And as they dance she must have known that she is one step closer to being the first elected women president of the United States. And Bernie has given her more lift and begun the healing of the rift between the far left and the moderate left. And you can almost see Bernie sighing as he dips her and she looks up and says, You We're Great.

Bernie then spins her and steps back, murmuring...I know.

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