Tuesday, July 19, 2016

All Madam President Has To Do Is Reach Out at Her Convention

If you watched the Republican Convention then you came away thinking well nothing that weird happened. Yes, there was Duck Dynasty and Joanie Loves Scott Baio and a Calvin Klein underwear model. And yes the delegates revolted and tried to regurgitate Donald Trump but it was quickly stamped out.. And yes his wife probably swiped some riffs from Michelle Obamas speech and gave us nothing about the Donald other than the Donald. But no one was shot. No one lost their mind and charged the stage.  It really was a carefully orchestrated event for the base of the Republican party. Talk about blowing it.

Trump has won over his base. But he had done this before the convention. They needed no more persuading, but Trump wasted prime time sound bytes on fueling the base that was already voting for him. From Benghazi to the Lone Survivor it was all about how bad the Democrats and Hillary are and how the world is out to get us. Very red meat. The far right of the Republican party loves Donald Trump. But what about everyone else?

All Madam President has to do is open her arms. That's it. Just say, you know what, I am for all of you who are not included in the Trumpian universe. And there are many. You cannot win a modern Presidential election with just your base. You need, you know, the other people. They make up most of America. So all Hillary has to say is, I am for you and you know who you are. That's it.

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