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Monday, June 6, 2016

What Edith Wilson Could Tell Madam President

First Edith would tell Madam President don't do it. It nearly killed her. Then Edith would say if you are going to be President then don't listen to the men. Edith had all the men telling her to take over after President Wilson had a stroke and then they didn't tell her what was going on or how to run the White House. They basically told her to take responsibility for blocking Vice President Marshall so they could keep their jobs. So that is the first thing, bring in some women to help you.

Then if you get overwhelmed just handle the crisis. Edith had to handle finishing up World War I and the fight for the League of Nations. There were lots of other issues but Edith who had only three years schooling and some on the job training with the President had to go with her gut instinct a lot of times. So she concentrated on the two biggest crisis, keep her husband alive and fight for his dream of a League of Nations. Everything else delegated or threw into a pile and let the archivist sort it out fifty years later.

Finally don't listen to anyone but yourself. When the doctors told Edith they had to operate on her husband or he would die she vetoed them and said let nature take its course. Her husband survived. Or when everyone wanted to tell the President to compromise on the League and she alone stood between him and the doubters. Or when she signed bills and fought back against Senator Lodge and everyone who wanted to prove she was really the President.

After that just make it up as you go and stick to your guns, Madam President. It worked for me.

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